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Subject: Character- Tinkerbell (Peter Pan)
Themes in Batch: 30, (17 new, from Whisper-Family)
Themes Completed: 30/30

Claim: Tinkerbell
Author: ibeliveinfaes
Completed: 30/30
Started: 7/26
Finish Date: 9/03
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<td bgcolor="#66FF00" border="1" bordercolor="#66FF00">01. LOVE</td> </center>

I see him every day, and I can’t say why, but my heart starts to flip. Everything about him makes me want to fly through the stars, forever. His hair, his eyes, his name. Everything about him makes me want to smile. He gives my heart a reason for beating, every moment of every day.
I can’t imagine life without him. He makes me feel a way I’ve never felt before about anyone else in the world. Is this…this just might be…am I in love?

If this is love, then I never want to feel any other way again.

02. HATE

Brown ringlets. Blue nightgown. Squeaky voice. WENDY. What kind of name is that?
She comes into MY world, talking to Peter, taking him away from me.
“Oh Tinker Bell! You’re so pretty!”
and then:
“Oh, Peter, teach me to fly!”
Whatever happened to Faith and Trust, Peter!? I had faith and trust that we would be together forever, and yet a girl with big blue eyes walks by and its “Goodbye Tink!”
She’s lucky I’m so tiny, I would do things to her she couldn’t imagine.
Maybe I’ll just go talk to the mermaids…they’ll help me!

….Stupid Wendybird. I hate her.

True freedom. Flying, soaring high above Neverland, seeing all. The mermaids here, the pirates there, the Lost Boys in the distance. The freedom to fly, the freedom to choose where to go, when to go. The freedom to get angry, or sad, or even the freedom to be lost. Life is so delicate, such a short, precious thing. With just six short words (There’s no such thing as…well, you know!), it could all be over. No more freedom to dwell in gardens, no more riding on the back of a bird into the sunrise. No more freedom to just…be…me.
Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax, Tink, relax. It’s not as bad as it seems. She can’t do anything like you can. She can’t fly (not without you!), she can’t swim….but she can talk. And tell stories. And she knows what love is.
Maybe it would be best if you just left. Peter doesn’t need you anymore. After all, you’re just a Pixie. What can you do for him? You can love him, sure, but can you really ever truly love him? You only have room for one emotion, after all! You’re not even sure what love is!
Breathe in. Breathe….out.
“When he calls on me, when I hear him breathe, I can touch the sky, I feel that I’m alive.”
How can I explain what I feel? When I’m around him, my world lights up, and I light up too. My light gets brighter as he gets nearer, but he doesn’t seem to notice. Do I make him feel alive? Is he good at hiding it? He really has always seemed happier around me, perhaps he feels my light in it’s alive state, making his light ignite too.
I’ve got wings to fly, I’m so glad that I’m alive.
(Lyrics taken from Celine Dion’s “I’m Alive”)
A piece of him died today. He won’t admit it, but I can see. The warm, happy glow that surrounded him when she was here has disappeared. The warmth in his smile isn’t there anymore…he’s turned from the leader into just another Lost Boy. Lost in a different way, but lost nonetheless. She meant the world to him. I’ve never seen him that happy. Yes, she may have been a bit proper, and she may be a bit too outspoken, but she made him thrive. A little piece inside him died when she left.
A piece of me did, too.
I bang against the glass of the lantern case, begging for someone to save me. No matter how loud I scream, I cannot be heard. All anyone hears when I talk is bells. I can’t scream, at least not on the outside. Fighting for sound, my vocal chords crack, and I give up my futile attempt to beg for rescue. How could I have been so naïve as to think that I’d be saved? No one is looking for me, no one knows I’m gone. And, to tell you the truth, I don’t think anyone really cares.
Silently, I scream.
At night, when I’m quiet and the only noise comes form the stars twinkling above, sometimes I can hear Peter whisper my name in his sleep. And I wonder…is he whispering about me? For me? Does he love me? Can he in his sleep feel my longing for him? Or, when he wakes, am I still the same old Tink I was when he said Goodnight? I wish I knew magic to reach him in his dreams. I wish I could tell him how I feel. But, I’m only a household faerie, fixing pots and pans, not hearts and longings.

I love it when I get to hear the little children telling their parents how they believe in us faeries. They have such wonder in their hearts, and they make us stronger when they truly believe in us. I wish I could tell each child how much they mean to me, and to all the faeries. If only I could just take them to Neverland with me for one day, to show them how much a difference they make to us. I would take them away with me, I really would, but they’re a little bit squirmy when they fly.
Magic is in the heart of every faerie. Each one has a tiny heart made of the purest magic. Within that magic is dictated the plan of the faerie’s life. Rani’s heart is Water magic, Fira’s is Light magic, and Lily’s is a Gardening magic. Some faeries don’t know WHAT their magic is yet, like litte miss Prilla. And some powers, like mine, can’t be found in nature. I’m a household faerie. Magic is our life force. No matter what the faerie’s magic type, every little bit is important, and it’s all passes on to other faerie generations after us.
A faerie’s light is one of their many points of beauty. Some faerie’s lights are a beautiful array of colors, some just white, and some are colors that haven’t even been named yet. A faerie’s light is an indicator of their magic. My light is a wonderful color called Glorina, which is a lovely shade of yellow. Every faerie has a light, and as our mood changes, so does our light. The only way a faerie’s light can go out is if someone says they don’t believe in us. Then, and only then, will a faerie’s light go out forever...
12. DARK
Dark. A faerie’s deepest fear is the darkness. When a faerie’s light goes dark, then it is the end. The end of everything. Some faerie’s lights fade slowly over time, and they are left waiting. Waiting to die, waiting to live, waiting for an absolution that will never come. For if a faerie’s light begins to go dark, then they know that something is wrong. I have only once in my life seen a light go dark. The second my mother’s light went out, she just faded away in a cloud of dull, grey light. I’ve not seen her since.
In the faerie realm of Neverland, there’s no such thing as strange. We’re all different, yes, but there is no such thing a strange faerie. Every faerie has their own little quirks about them. This is something we teach to every faerie born into our world. When they are old enough, we teach them a saying that they carry with them throughout their lives. We tell them, “We're all a part of one world, we all can share the same dream, and if you just reach out to me, then you will find deep down inside, I'm just like you.”
(Lyrics(in quotes)from "One World" by Celtic Woman)
When he told me we would be friends forever, I believed him. How stupid, how naive of me. He’s a MAN. No, not even a man, a BOY!! What made me stupid enough to make me think that Peter meant everything he’s told me? Now he’s got his WENDY. I guess “forever” means, “Until I find something brown haired, blue eyed, and BRITISH!” AUGH!! Maybe I’ll see if I can find some broken pots to throw at his head. That way I don’t have to fix them twice. Stupid peter. Stupid Wendy. Or, perhaps, it’s stupid, stupid….me. Stupid, naive Tink.
Never get a faerie mad. Faeries are only big enough to harbor one major emotion at a time. If you get a faerie mad, you’re in big trouble, as we can be spiteful creatures. And if we have a nature power, watch out. Rani and Beck can do some major damage. All I can do is throw pots and pans at your head. THEY, however, can create chaos. Rani can make it storm, and Beck can send all sorts of animals after you. And if you make Lily sad, all our flowers tend to wilt. Mind our emotions.
My friend Beck can talk to any kind of animal, AND she can read their thoughts. She’s very talented! I don’t know anyone else who can speak Bird without an accent. Beck loves to talk to her animal friends, and, if they’ll hold still long enough, read their thoughts too. She once told me about a baby deer, named Bambo or something, who had a little crush on her. She told him to go after a nice little girl deer, and whaddya know, now he’s Prince of the Forest! Sometimes I wish I were like Beck. Her talent is awesome.
17. SKY
I think my favorite place in the world is the sky. Flying next to Peter, feeling the wind in my hair, in the silence of the sky.
Sometimes I think that I would love to spend forever up here, just feeling the glorious, weightless feeling that comes along with flying. There’s only one thing that disturbs the peace of flying….
Those terrible, noisy pieces of metal that just zoom right by, making loud sounds and ruining my thought process up there. If only I could make them go away, my life up in the sky would be absolutely perfect.
The first faeries came from the stars, or so the legends go. The Great Ones (of whom our Native American friends in Neverland always talk) wanted to send guardians to earth, so they sent animals and all sorts of spirits. Along with them came faeries, the guardians of magic. We helped the people find their guardians, and we kept in secret. Until one of our ancestors found Neverland. Some faeries stayed behind to finish their work, and the rest came here. Sometimes I look up at the sky and imagine being a star. And then I remember,
I am one.
The Earth is an amazing place. When you see an Earth faerie working her magic, you can’t help but stare in wonder. Watching Lily make the flowers grow, or hearing Beck chattering to the animals, or actually seeing the clay from which my pots and pans are formed, you just can’t help but feel amazed. Humans just don’t understand. They’re killing the beautiful Earth. Who would want to kill such a wonderful piece of magic? Not the magic that’s inside us Faeries, but a magic all it’s own. I just don’t’ understand. Why would anyone want to destroy such beauty?
20. SEA
Rani came from the Sea. I’m certain of it. She’s the only Faerie who doesn’t have wings, you know. She loves the water, I think she is related to mermaids. She emotional, just like them. She leaks very easily, whether she’s crying or she has a runny nose. She loves when it rains, she even goes out and dances in thunderstorms, which leads to those runny noses later! Sometimes I wish I could help her fulfill her wish of rain every day. One day, I’ll take her to the sea. I’m just afraid that she won’t come back….so afraid….
21. SNOW
Last winter, shortly after Rani came, she gave us a real surprise. She got together with all the other Water faeries and gave us something we hadn’t had before.
She made it Snow!
She told us all about the snowstorms she and her sisters created before she came to Neverland! Now, we’d all seen snow before, and wanted some, but our Water faeries didn’t know how to make is! Rani changed all that, nd now we have snow in July! We have to tell her to cut it out occasionally, as it gets a bit too cold sometimes. It’s funny!
Sometimes I dream of what life would be with my mother. The last time I saw her, her light had just gone out, and she was whisked away in a cloud of grey light. It was very cruel, and I haven’t seen her since. I was 7. I sometimes dream of her running her fingers through my hair, or helping me fix pots and pants. I got my powers from her, you know. My father loved her very much, she told me. He died before I was born. I often dream of us all together.
But then I wake up.
Sometimes I wonder what I would be like with a different power. My talent is nice, but I’ve always longed to know what it’s like to be an Art faerie, like Bess. Vidia wants power too, but for a different reason than me. She longs to be strong and feared among the faeries, but we don’t work that way. Unfortunately for her, she just has to get used to that. Among us faeries, the only power that is constantly present is the power to help each other and ourselves. We faeries are creatures who only use our powers for good.
There is one faerie in our little hollow who has her own individual power. Perizada has the power of Dance. Perizada came to us from the Caribbean, after having flown all over the world and learned all sorts of dances. She can salsa, meringue, waltz, you name it, she can dance it. I feel a little sad for her, however, for she has no partner. I hope that one day a male faerie will come to us, so she won’t have to dance alone anymore. Perhaps they’ll fall in love and have some children so the talent gets passed on!
25. SING
I love to sing. No one knows it, but my mother also had a bit of talent in music. Her father had a small section of his heart devoted just to music, and passed it her. She then passed it on to me, and taught me to sing when I was just small.
After she died, I stopped singing.
One day, I heard her voice tell me to sing again, and she’d be closer to me. I began to let my voice soar, I could swear she was harmonizing with me.
I sing for my mother.
I sing for me.
The birth of a new faerie is a joyful occasion here in Neverland. When word of a birth begins to spread, all the faeries flock to the center of our hollow, waiting to see the new faerie. Faeries are born of a baby’s laugh, which shows just how many new faeries we get in the hollow every day! We love greeting the new faerie, who’s parents will find out their child’s talent and help educate them. We have a great party every week to welcome the new faeries to our home. The birth of a new faerie is truly miraculous.
27. ART
Bess was born with a wonderful talent. She is a faerie of Art, which is special indeed. She can always be seen with a paintbrush in her hands, and paint on her clothes. She can often be found in her art studio, painting something beautiful. Her dream is to paint a mermaid’s portrait. She can certainly capture the beauty and spunk of one. She likes to have all of us pose for her to practice. Sometimes it’s a pain, but most of the artwork around the hollow is hers, and she should be proud. It’s amazing. Her talent is wonderful.
I often wonder about what life would be like without Peter. No doubt I’d be very lonely. He’s my best friend, my partner in crime, my love.
I’ll never tell him that, but…
Luckily, Peter will never die of old age, because he’s not getting any older!
I’ve ment to ask him what he would so without me, or what would happen if he ever went away, but sometimes I just can’t imagine what that would be like. Maybe I’d just die of loneliness or something. He’s my best friend. I’d don’t know what life would be like without him.
I love being happy. It’s my favorite feeling in the world. That and being in love. When I’m happy, my light gets brighter and I make others around me happy too. My favorite thing is when I make Peter happy, and he smiles. Oh, his smile is enough to melt your heart.
And when the other faeries are happy, our talents shine more. We all excel in what we do that day. Sometimes we just have Happy Parties together, just so we have an excuse to have a party! Happiness is an amazing thing, isn’t it? WE all think so!
My family has changed a lot over the years. First it was just my mother and me, and then she died. A few days after my mother died, a little boy came to Neverland. His name was Peter, and he needed a friend, as did I. We instantly clicked, and have been inseparable ever since. I think one of the best days of my life was the day he told me that I was his family.
I don’t only have Peter, you know.
All the faeries of the hollow are my family too. We’re family, Peter, the Faeries, and me.

I want to thank the mods for extending my deadline, and I also want to thank all of you who have the patience to read this long mess :-P Comments and constructive critisism are always welcome! Enjoy!

PS:Special Thanks to _joha for making this table!
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