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Mod Post: Make a Claim

[3/9/07] I'd like to apologize to everyone for neglecting this community for these past couple of months, leaving you all out there in the blue. I'm cleaning up some entries and I am officially refreshing all previous claims that were made before the staffs' absence. So now, everyone has extra time and a second chance to finish their claims

-and p.s spread the word of this community so it won't die!-

click under the cut to make a claim

Beauty & The Beast - gotaqueen 3/9/07 - 4/20/07
The Little Mermaid - foundmysong 3/9/07 - 4/20/07
Aladdin - ziriffic 3/9/07 - 4/20/07
Peter Pan - acresofhope 3/31/07 - 5/12/07
Cinderella - x_disturbed_x 5/28/07 - 6/25/07
Pixar Movies - youareatoy 6/25/07 - 8/6/07

Aladdin - oatmeals 3/9/07 - 4/20/07
Doc Hudson - aubby 3/9/07 - 4/20/07
Ariel - broadwayjamie 3/9/07 - 4/20/07
Hades - jade_gryphon 3/9/07 - 4/20/07
Jasmine - omgkristen 5/28/07 - 6/25/07

Please use this form.
LJ Username: The name you'll claim the claim under
Claim: The claim (i.e. - Movie, The Lion King or Character, Ariel)
You may claim a movie, live action movie, character, couple, t.v. show, or other various things (with maintainer's approval).

You have six weeks to complete your claim.
You can only make one claim at a time
&only two people allowed per claim.

A mod will respond to then delete your comment. You will then be added to the list. After that, you're free to start your claim.

Any Questions? Feel free to ask and/or review the rules.
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